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Blogger Landing Page Template

Do you want unlimited                        GET BL-TEMPLATE PRO
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Landing page is a sale page focused on advertising or introducing only one product, and its focus will create the highest effect. There are more and more people using landing pages for their business in the world today. When you focus on saying about only one product that you like, you can transmit a strong message, specify the product's benefits from your real experiences, as well as put all your feelings into the product. So that it is very persuasive, sales ability will reach the maximum, and particularly combined with the art of advertising writing will make your sales “boom”.

However, if each product advertising uses a different type of landing page, it cost you a lot of time and effort (more expensive for monthly/annual hosting leasing fee, managing multiple landing page hardly, learning how to control technical problem arising...). You can employ a technician to design and manage your landing pages for saving time, or you can take time to learn how to design and manage landing pages for saving costs.

And in order to save both your time and cost (cutting cost to Zero) as well as not dependent on the technician, you must know how to take advantage of Blogger resources and create free landing pages quickly, it's Blogger Landing Page (for other kinds of landing page, you have to use payed hosting such as this cheap and fast hosting).

BloggerLandingPage.com will help you achieve it easily. Actually, before that we spent a lot to lease hosting and web designer to make our landing pages. I did not think that Blogger could be used to make landing page that only using Google's Blogger to share a personal story online, poor feature and interface. But now everything is possible with BloggerLaningPage.com, you can create landing pages completely free.

Blogger Landing Page will help you all of the following: 
• 3 popular landing pages templates with modern interface and many features 
• Landing pages with SEO Google (meta tile , meta description , meta keywords, H1 tag, …) 
• Super Easy 2-Minute Setup of blogger template, adding custom domain to your blog without technical knowledges. 
• A simple Paypal integration into your landing page allows your customers to pay securely and easily. 
• Editing and arranging your landing pages just like wordpad program. 
• Do not pay a monthly/annual fee of host leasing. 
• Do not depend on the technican. 
• Do not worry about bandwidth limits (traffic per day), or technical problems about host/server broken on the Blogger platform. 

Blogger Is A Reliable Address

+ Google's Bloggger service is one of the largest FREE blogging in world today.

+ Blogger is the "son" of the Google Giant, is somewhat more favorably on the google search engine.

Detail User Manual

Starting with Blogger.com

+ Guide to create a landing page content

Advanced Features for blogger landing page

+ Pro features (for BL-Template Pro Gold only)

Supper Easy 5-Minutes Setup

+ Simply upload the BL-Template.xml go blogger through brief installation instructions. Once installed, create only first post of blog to get started. Installation takes just 5 minutes.

+ After going to the Blog Compose Editor, simply enter your landing contents according to user manual.

+ Best of all: one bogger account and one simple BL-Template Pro GOLD installation supports UNLIMITED landing pages.

Template-Edit Html Just Like Wordpad

Composing landing page content by Compose/HTML editor

+ Making content frame, testimonial frame.

+ Changing 3 large slider pictures

+ Editing menu of landing page interface

A simple Paypal integration

+ A simple Paypal integration into your landing page allows your customers to pay securely and easily.

+ Accept all major forms of payment. Accept credit cards, bank transfers, debit cards, and more.

Add custom domain to your blog

+ Adding custom domain to your blog host without technical knowledges.

+ 5 quick steps to add custom domain with actual illustration images.

Ironclad 60-Day Money Back Guarantee 

+ If your blogger account configuration is such that our BL-Template Pro and its features does not work on your blog or Template-Edit Html, contact us within 60 days of purchase and we will send you a full refund. 

+ Don't forget - if you are having trouble installing our BL-Template Pro and its features, we can install it for you free of charge - we are successful 99.9% of the time.

"What Our Customers Are Saying:"

"BL-Template Pro is safety, I feel really assured with it, no any worry about host downtime, hack or lost data of landing pages that are based on Google’s Blogger."
- Rose Lym, USA
"I stopped hiring web designer to make landing pages for me. I can control it by myself, edit landing page contents be the same as on wordpad program".
- Lee Hwang, Vietnam
"BL-Template Pro is easy to install, I save much time in creating landing page. Specially, I can create unlimited landing pages with Gold package".
- Peter Chee, Iran
"I have too many visitors on my blogger landing page from Google Search by SEO. One thing of BL-Template Pro, I like the most is free Unlimited Bandwidth that allow a lot of visitors at the same time, it makes my visitors happy".
- Jenyfer Pham, Mexico

You get all of the following when you purchase BL-Template Pro:

• Creating unlimited sales pages to introduce products / services to your customers effectively.
• Your landing page is optimized Search Engine (SEO) so that customers will find you faster on google, bing…
• Selling your products Right Today on blogger landing page
• Integrating Paypal into blogger landing page for auto-selling and immediately received orders from everywhere even though you are not there.
• Self edit your landing page as wordpad program professionally in your way.
• You can add your custom domain name to the bogger landing page, completely comfortable with the stability of the goggle’s free blogger host without technical knowledge.
• No any payment of monthly/annual google’s blogger host.
• Our blogger landing page team frequently updated new templates, new landing page tips that delivered to you completely free, along with technical support 24/7

In order to create your landing pages as normal way (web designer leasing, annual hosting fee...) it may NOT be less than $ 100/year is'n it ? And it is still not mentioned to theme purchase (such as this famous wordpress theme) or cost for solving technical problems of downtime host, hack, lost data... Now, you can create SAFETY blogger landing pages with one time payment just from $7.0 - For the next 12 hours only!

For the next 12 hours only, get it free with your purchase of BL-Template Pro GOLD.
+ Get more people on your page
+ Tip for posting on your facebook page
+ How to jazz up your page with extras
+ More Facebook Marketing ideas
+ $20 VALUE

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    Google Search Engine Optimization
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Below are one-time payments. No recurring payments, ever.
Package Features BL-Template Pro
BL-Template Pro
BL-Template Pro with modern interface and outstanding features 3 templates
(Version 1.3, 1.2, 1.1)
1 template
(Version 1.2)
Super Easy 5-Minute Setup of blogger template, adding custom domain to your blog without technical knowledge. Yes Yes
Social Network Integration into your landing page to increase interactivity. Yes No
A Simple Paypal Integration into your landing page allows your customers to pay securely and easily Yes Yes
Free Professional Installation Yes No
Call-to-action Price Plan Table and testimonial frame just by Copy & Paste Html code. Yes No
Search Engine Optimization (meta tile , meta description , meta keywords, H1 tag, …) Yes No
Creating Unlimited landing pages Yes No
Lifetime Update of new templates, new landing page tips delivered to you completely free Yes No
50% OFF

*2 Copies Left On
*10 Copies Left On Sale

*Price and availability are subject to change without notice. Neither price nor availability are guaranteed until the order is placed.